What is NT10?

【 WHAT IS NT10 ? 】

 ► NT10 is "Nano-Technology Catalyst" in lubricant form.


►► Nano-Technology

~ Inside NT10, there are millions of "perfect-round" nano-size ball bearing.
~ When NT10 is added into engine oil, the millions of "ball-bearing" will form a lubricating film in between the cylinder wall and piston. This results in drastic drop of engine friction, to an astonishing "almost" zero value.
~ The immediate effect to be seen is engine gaining extra torque power, smoother & lighter engine, save fuel, cooler and stressless engine.


►► Catalyst

~ NT10 is "catalyst" not ordinary oil additives.
~ When catalyst is added into engine oil, it will stabilize the engine oil.
~ Catalyst show high temperature resistance characteristic.
~ As a result, the quality of engine oil will deteriorate much slower despite the existence of extreme high temperature and prolong running hour of the engine.
~ NT10 will easily extend the oil change interval to 2 months or 5,000km.